Cruzan® A Diamond in the Rum Commercial Virgin Islands – Epic Visual

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Cruzan Rum presents a motivational visual about the cultural essence that goes into their world renowned rum.

As Virgin Islanders you develop a special part of your diet and flavor palette for cultural adult beverages. For this very reason Cruzan Rum plays not only a historic part in our Island’s heritage but also a decadent one. The diverse flavors of fruits and spices found in the islands constituted this expressive line up of tropically inspired rums giving way to some of the world’s most exotic adult beverages. In many ways Cruzan Rum encompasses what it means to be Cruzan and to share in the elements that make America’s Paradise truly unforgettable. We celebrate our heritage with you every time you partake and this visual gives you a perfectly sweet depiction of this very vibe.


Cruzan Rum, The best Rum on Earth.

At Cruzan, every last drop of our rum is brilliantly crafted to exceptional standards, using natural ingredients and a unique distillation process. Each stage of the process is closely monitored and controlled to ensure that every expression boasts remarkable taste and multi-faceted flavor that shines through in every sip. Our award-winning taste, unlike any other, will awaken your spirit of discovery, and reveal to you a rare level of quality in the world of rum. Excerpt from: Cruzan Rum Story

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