#VIFN – Easter Food Tour – Powered By GAJ Photography

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This weekend US Virgin Islanders celebrated tradition in a grand fashion with camping festivities taking place on major beaches providing a break for families to spend quality time, enjoy each other’s company in nature and on the beaches and fill up on locally favorite food dishes traditionally made during the Easter Holiday Weekend. #VIFN Co-Founder George Armstrong and the #GAJPhotography team went on a fun tour around the island stopping in on various camp grounds to spread some cheer with the families and take photos to capture the memories for all. We managed to enlist their expert skills in taking some visual snaps of the different awesome plates being served around the island. here are a few Shots we grabbed!

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#VIFN – Easter Food Tour – Powered By GAJ Photography.

“Around this time of year though many may or may not be religiously affiliated, we still see the greatest amount of family togetherness using OUR Local Traditions around Easter Time.. and Ah Love it. – Local Beach Master

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