Cruzan Confusion Recipe Drink How To Video

How To make a Cruzan Confusion Drink

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How to make the Virgin Islands Cruzan Confusion adult beverage.
ABC Wine and Spirits details their rendition on the cultural classic that has become a staple of the nightlife in the virgin islands club and bar scenes.

The key to great virgin islands drinks is a balance of flavor and rum!


As a tourist destination, the US virgin islands is known for the exotic flavors and unique beverage creations produced from the locally grown fruits in the territory. Home to one of the world’s most popular flavored and spiced rums: Cruzan Rum, it is no surprise that this drink would be a go to for many party goers and clubbers the like.

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Cruzan Confusion Recipe Drink How To Video

Virgin Islands Food Network – High On Flavor: Mini Documentary #VibeVisual

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Virgin Islands Food Culture is Intimately Linked with Marijuana. With medicinal marijuana being legalized the notion that the food industry will be impacted has risen greatly. If marijuana is now seen as medicine along with its connections to food, will that change the way we think about and view food as well?


The Virgin Islands Food Network in partnership with Virgin Islands Collaborative Solutions #VICS, #BBFarms, The Nyah Lyan Foundation, Original Kulture, YGT Family, Deidre Dubois Modeling Inc. and #Aftertainment Media present:

#HighOnFlavor – Hoping You Stay High and Stay Tasteful.

A Collaborative mini documentary #VibeVisual to begin an introspective look into the Medicinal Marijuana Food Industry developing here in the territory. We will begin launching visual pieces for your enjoyment as they roll out this project alongside the #FarmLandPreserve initiative currently in progress under Virgin Islands Collaborative Solutions.

We are grateful to be able to put together a small informative piece featuring local brands and vendors. All individuals and Brands featured in this Mini Doc. in no part endorse or support the message or statements conveyed in the visual.

The Nyah Lyan Foundation.